The Secret Playbook to the Dating Life YOU Want.

Game, dating, understanding women, sexual dynamics...
And being the ultimate man in our modern world.
Master Tinder™ and Online Dating.
Learn how to attract a woman.
How to make women want you.
The dating manual you never received!

"Yeah she's a 10, but..."

"She'd never date me!"

This is the crap we tell ourselves! Is is any surprise girls don't reply to our messages, leave us on read, and ghost us without thinking twice?

When our students come to us they are LOST. They don't have a strategy or any idea how the game works...

99% of guys... Compete for 20% of the women!

  • No clue what to say on Tinder to start a conversation?
  • Girls ignoring you or ghosting you?
  • Girls making you jump through hoops to have sex?
  • You have no clue how women think?
  • Wondering why other guys have casual sex and girlfriends and YOU don’t?

What if you were the 1%?

This is the blueprint you need not only to succeed, but DOMINATE in the dating market place. This is the stuff that no one ever taught you!

And here’s the best part… You can use this for whatever YOU want.

  • Some of our students have used this to have more casual sex.
  • Others have used it to build a rotation of f$&k buddies.
  • And others still have used it to find and get into a serious long-term relationship — even marriage.
Our students are having the sex, dating, and relationship lives they didn’t even think were possible!

This program has worked for THOUSANDS of guys…

And most of them are weirder and uglier than you!
Ha... We're kidding, because we love our students.

But the fact is, success on Tinder, in dating, and in relationships has a LOT LESS to do with money and looks than you might think.

It's about GAME.
It's about CONFIDENCE.
It's about SWAGGER.
It's about becoming the type of man that women WANT.

That's what this program will help you do.
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"PWF has been an amazing tool to help me transform my online game!"

"I didn't even know how to text or have an interaction with a girl..."

"I loved the first version... but this 2.0 version is something else!"

"Loved learning about how to stand out as a superior man."

"This is not a typical 'Pick Up Artist' product... I love this approach!"

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“No games. Just straight up good advice that will allow you to improve your dating life.”

Discover what’s working RIGHT NOW with online dating, texting, hookups, and more.

Course Materials
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Wouldn’t it be nice to know what actually WORKS with women?

You are about to MASTER the following topics:

Understanding female psychology
Running dates
Inner game and mindset problems
Being the kind of guy girls want to see again
Leveling up as a man
Increasing your Sexual Market Value
Designing a workout plan
Overcoming objections
Giving a girl the ultimate sexual experience
Much, much more.

What you need to succeed.

We've designed this to be the LAST dating (course/product/etc) our students ever buy.

This isn't just "Pick Up Artist" tactics where you repeat lines like a parrot.

This is designed around helping our students develop confidence, find their voice, and become the type of guy that women want to date. So it's no surprise that our students have their pick of any women they want.

So, you next?

Course Materials

Broken up into 4 sections with multiple chapters in each. The material is a combination of reading material, graphics, and videos — and everything is easy to consume and VERY actionable.

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Bonus Chapters

This section is packed with other videos, guides, and demonstrations to help you crush it in the bedroom. Our students usually say these bonus chapters are worth the entire price of enrollment. :)

Extra Guides

Community Access

Your purchase comes with 1 month of free access to our paid Mastermind. This is a great place to get additional, honest, raw, and real feedback from other guys on your exact same journey.

Real Advice from Real People

There's a reason over 10,000 men have bought this program.

“This is definitely the best and last product you’ll ever need for online game.”
Part 1: The PWF Method & Online Dating Fundamentals
Everyone should start here. This Part focuses entirely on the fundamentals of getting results from dating apps, including building a great profile (pics + bio), & the Playing with Fire Texting Method.
  • 7 Golden Rules of Online Dating
  • Recommendations and Insights from Top PWF Members
  • A Simple Online Dating Framework You Can Use Today
  • The Tinder Must-Haves: Pics
  • The Tinder Must-Haves: Bio
  • A Basic Texting Framework
  • Breaking Down the Major Dating Apps
  • Understanding How to Get Laid
  • Crafting the Optimal Dating Profile
  • So Much More
Part 2: Advanced Skills in Online Dating & Texting
Once you've got the principles from Part 1 down, start to explore Advanced Skills like female psychology, advanced flirting, sexualization, phone call game, and more.
  • Leveling Up from Beginner to Intermediate & Beyond
  • Female Psychology
  • Evolutionary Biology and the "Alpha Male"
  • Women and Sub-communications
  • Giving Her a Positive Emotional Journey
  • What Girls Look for When Swiping
  • Female Swiping Strategy
  • Key Considerations to Avoid Left Swipes
  • The 6 Most Common Female Archetypes
  • Understanding Attraction
  • The Importance of Maximizing Your Looks (SMV)
  • So Much More
Part 3: Additional Topics for Becoming a Superior Man
Learn even more about becoming a Superior Man, like inner game, fashion, getting jacked, retaining girls, and relationship management.
  • Inner Game
  • Inner Game Problems & Solutions
  • Intro to Men’s Fashion
  • The No BS Guide to Getting Jacked
  • Adapting Your Routine to Your Body Type
  • Rules for Retention
  • The First Bang
  • What Keeps Girls Coming Back
  • 3 Key Mindsets for Relationships
  • “The Talk” and How to Manage It
  • So Much More
Part 4: Travel & Foreign Countries
Once you've got a great Tinder profile, traveling and banging women is a huge bonus. Learn how (and where) to meet foreign girls and have sex with them using dating apps.
  • 6 Steps to Getting Laid Abroad on Tinder
  • Top Places to Visit
Part 5: Bonus Materials
A handful of additional materials that will help you, including our complete memes collection, additional successful profiles, and more.
  • There are over 20 bonus chapters in here where we cover so much great stuff guys…
  • We have students who love the material in the bonus chapters and said that was worth the entire price of enrollment.
  • A real life demonstration by Indian PE on how to give a girl the ultimate experience.

“Any advice on handling multiple conversations with 10+ women at the same time?”

This is a real question from our community… Actually we’ve had DOZENS of posts like this.

I’ve seen our students go from “Can’t get a girl to reply to them on Tinder to save their life” to “OMG, how do I manage MULTIPLE women who all want to go out, talk, cuddle, etc…”

YES feelings are involved. YES, you need to be an honorable dude. YES, once you have this power it’s on you to use it for good…

But let’s face it man, dating is a numbers game.

When I meet new guys in the program their numbers SUCK.

  • 1 or 2 matches on Tinder per week…
  • 1 date a month (on a good month that is...)
  • 8 weeks since they’ve (ah-hem…) been with a women.

And then they learn.

They better themselves, learn techniques, level up their mindset, get support from an amazing group, and push past their comfort zones.

And all the sudden, one day they are playing the numbers game to PERFECTION.

Our students know how to make a girl swipe right… And then they know just what to message. And they know how to run the date. And they are confident taking them back to their place.

How are you doing in that department? Need a boost? 

Help is here my man.

We've got you.

Enroll now for only $295
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Ready for 10-15 matches per day?

Ready to follow a system that just flat out works?

“I have been constantly learning and improving not only my game skills but also my personal development.”

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“The “romantic” line is the #1 line I use and it works every time.”

- PWF Member

“Way better than spending countless hours figuring out this stuff on my own.”

- PWF Member

This could be you...

(But you're still reading/scrolling :)

Ultimate Dating Blueprint 2.0

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"How fast will I see results?"

(And other frequently asked questions)

How will this show up on my CC?
In the interest of your privacy, this transaction will show up as “PWF” on your credit card statement.
How does the 30-day free trial work?
Your product purchase includes a complimentary month to try out our Mastermind group. After the 30 days, you will be charged $39 monthly to maintain your membership unless cancelled before the first rebill.
How fast will I see results?
This will largely depend on you and level of action you take! The vast majority of our coaching clients would see very noticeable results after one session (1-2 hours). This blueprint contains everything we teach our coaching clients and much more.
Will this only help me with Tinder?
No! This will help you with all forms online game and much more. No topic is off limits and we will do our very best to help you.
Will this work if I am older?
Yes, there are a number of guys over the age of 40 who have bought the product and are in the mastermind group, who have had massive success with this program.
Will this work if I am ugly/minority/short?
Yes, almost everyone is capable of increasing their Sexual Market Value. This product has an entire section dedicated to doing just that (both short and long term).

Maybe DON'T buy this...

Our students are KILLING it on Tinder and their dating lives are beyond anything they ever thought.

Some guys use it for more casual… friends?
Other guys want to finally find that special someone.

Either way, the lessons and insights in here really aren’t for everyone.

If you want something that works magic without you putting in any work — or you’re going to use this material to be a complete tool — do us all a favor and don’t buy this.

On the other hand…

If you are a good dude who just needs to be shown the ropes…

And you're willing to better yourself, contribute to the community, and become the ultimate version of YOU...

Then we'd love to have you join us.

Ultimate Dating Blueprint 2.0

Ready to Join?

15-Day Money Back Guarantee
The New and Improved Ultimate Dating Blueprint 2.0
20+ Value-Packed Bonus Chapters
Video Demonstrations
Exclusive Mastermind access (Free 1 month trial)
Free Content Updates For Life
Don’t miss the great enrollment bonuses that are only available for a limited time!
Save $300!
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